Black Clay Mosaic


delivery time: 4 weeks



  • 6 Plans Y 6 Pyramidals.
  • Long 19.6 cms

Paste it directly on the wall with traditional tile glue or stick it on a wooden base, cut in the shape of the desing you chose.

delivery time: 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 17.5 × 37.5 cm

Locate in dry, not humid places. Interior or covered places. Low Traffic. Maintenance: Cleaning with semi humid cloth. Creativity is YOUR limit, you can make the design you want with 12 pieces of mosaics or more. This product was made by small Mexican producers. With your purchase you are supporting fair trade and national consumption.


Recharge the box on a surface (table). Open the box in the direction indicated by the dates carefully. If you use nava or scissors to cut the tapes, do it carefully and not too deep (avoid reaching the piece) take out the " filling "with care, slowly and taking care not to" pull "the piece. Try not to win the excitement:) Our pieces are wrapped in layers of protective plastic, go removing layer by layer and we invite you not to use scissors or cuter for Cut the plastics. You finished ?, Put it in your place of choice, enjoy it and we would appreciate it if you send us a photo to post it on our social networks :)

Did it arrive broken?

Relax, The piece is insured. You have 2 days to inform us that it arrived broken. Send the following photographs: External view of the box. Inside view of the box (So that the insurance see how it was packaged) View of the piece and its "layers" of protection. Photograph of the broken piece This information send it to escribenos@viximexico. com It is very important that you DO NOT throw away the broken part, because the insurers sometimes ask us to send them the broken pieces at no additional charge.



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