Scale Mosaic

Glazed ceramics and Parota wood

Mexico City


Scale Mosaic

Scale mosaic is produced by two completely handmade processes. The materials chosen for this design are the wood of parota and the ceramics inspired by the colors of the talavera.

The atmosphere of space. The staggered mosaic rescues the tradition that rests in the hands of craftsmen without losing the sense of actuality that characterizes Vixi México. 

We care that our mosaics create harmony wherever they are placed, always seeking to highlight the soul of a place. We always keep attention to detail from design to installation, helping small producers during the process.

We make reference to the talavera and we use wood to remember our Mexican roots. The art of talavera goes back to the 16th century and its artisanal process has been maintained since the viceregal period. The parota with striking is one of the woods with greater color, texture and resistance to moisture. By combining them, the vanguard sense and the transformation of a traditional material to achieve modern pieces are highlighted. This project is a sample of the innovation that can be achieved with the use of unusual materials for interior coatings.



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