Stoneware Tableware

High Temperature

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Vixi Creación

Stoneware Tableware

The high temperature stoneware or stoneware is a process to create ceramic pieces that has gained popularity for its way of mixing the sober and cleanliness of modernity in everyday objects. Although it almost always has an opaque finish, you can also achieve the vitrification of different colors, making it a very versatile material.


The main characteristic of interest of this product is its resistance to the different circumstances in which it will normally be exposed. Temperatures of food, shocks, dishwashers, ovens and others; Stoneware will endure without problems.

The process has been perfected by Guanajuato artisans to reach our table in the form of objects of great beauty due to the variation of patterns offered by their enamels. Although many of the colors remain without these changes, the pieces end up being unique because the high temperature oven gives them small spots and marks that make them particular. The colors can be chosen from 7 different options to achieve a personalized palette for every need.

This is the first time that Vixi México delves into the possibilities of high temperature ceramics to offer chefs and the general public the possibility of creating their own combination of pieces for a complete set of dishes. The opportunity to support the artisans, stoneware will offer an alternative to traditional ceramics to fill your space with avant-garde elements and the design offered by Vixi Mexico.



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